Mr Vithlani IV


I started practicing Taekwo-Do in 1994. I obtained my black belt 1st Degree in 1999 and 4th degree in 2008. 

I was attracted to Taekwo-Do, for one reason only, it is the same reason why I still practice today.  That reason is, I am now proud to say, Grand Master Anthony Manning.  My father figure, my mentor, my bona-fide master. 

Through Sasung Manning I got to meet and be inspired by a number of people. Some of these people are Sasung Choy, Sasung Au, Sahun Liu, Sahun Bryan and all the black belts, fighters such as the Manning family, Kambo family, the Belle brothers, the awesome Gills, the Fleming brothers, Riggs and others. 

I studied Maths, Physics and Chemistry for A Levels. At UCL Physics with space science.I have been working in my Father’s Business ever since. 


I  was very happy to grade through the ranks in TKD and find that many of General Choi Hong Hi’s inspirations were either patriots, scholars, philosophers and Physicists.  I hope that I can go back to studying physics again one day.  

I love Taekwo-Do because of the kicking, sparring, patterns, breaking, basically for all the physical aspects.  My focus is moving to the non physical elements of the Art  which will have its challenges. I am very keen to be adaptable regardless of the environment. 


Outside of TKD I love all science fiction stuff such as Star Trek, comics and of course the full martial arts movie and entertainment genres. 


It is my intention to continue to be useful in some shape or form to the BUTF.  I strive to accomplish something that helps others understand “the beauty and power of Taekwo-Do”. 

Akash Vithlani IV Dan